At Way.vee Clothing Co. our t-shirts are held to the highest standard of sustainability. We believe that the source of the problem is WHERE and HOW each shirt is made. Our t-shirts are manufactured right here in the United States. The dyes used to make our t-shirts are Bluesign® certified which guarantees they are eco-friendly. Our manufacturer saves about 24 million gallons of water a week by using newer and more efficient dye machines. Any water that is used goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled. Way.vee is a green company taking every opportunity to reduce our CO2 emissions and ecological footprint. Our t-shirts are made in factories that use solar energy to power facilities and machines. Way.vee produces VIRTUALLY ZERO WASTE. We recycle everything that we can. 
Your average t-shirt travelled far and wide before reaching your hands and has a major impact on the environment. It takes 2,700 liters of water to make one single t-shirt - that's enough for one person to drink for 900 days. The energy required for your average cotton t-shirt is also a lot. From growing the cotton, to manufacturing, to transporting from overseas- your t-shirts used a lot of energy before finding it's way to you. Now imagine this on an extremely large scale. Eighty-billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally each year. The fast fashion industry produces 97% of your clothes overseas - exploiting cheap labor because workers rights are non-existent and environmental standards are low. We are becoming more and more disconnected with how our clothes are being made and who is making them. It's time we become conscious of what we are wearing and how it impacts the environment.